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COVID-19 Mask - Fantasy


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3D Printed masks that can be used with filter materials for COVID-19. All masks are printed after confirmed order and may take a few days for completion. We do not supply Filter materials or Elastic only the printed mask and parts for you to build the mask. Masks are one solid color in plastic. You can paint the plastic however you wish to customize it further. Masks will be printed on a first come first serve basis.

DISCLAIMER: These are not medically approved masks. The levels of protection offered by them are greatly reduced if you do not use the right filters. (N95) filters should be used. These masks shouldn't give you a false sense of hope of being 100% safe. You will still need to use common sense. These masks should only be used in conjunction with other preventative safety measures.

Note on Stock: I have set the limits low as it takes a long time to make one of these masks. I will periodically update the stock so I don't run the risk of having too many orders and not enough time to fulfill them. Please also note these masks are only made after orders have been confirmed and payment received.

For Local Pickup please use the Discount code "LOCALPICKUP" at checkout. Local pickups can only be done in Easton PA. Please make sure your contact info is correct so I can let you know the place and time to meet once your mask is ready.

Use the drop-down list below for more pricing info and to order the correct mask.

Image of COVID-19 - Basic Frame
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COVID-19 - Basic Frame
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