Welcome to the ScribdCo Online Store!


Mission Statement

Here at ScribdCo.com we believe a happy and content customer is the best form of advertising for our custom signage. We also know how to please our customers where it counts and that is in the wallet. We price our signs to be realistic yet be affordable to the smallest shop or even a family wanting a sign to set off their house from the rest. We assist you in the design process to help you craft the perfect custom sign for your needs.

How can I contact you for Questions before buying?

We have a few ways in which you can contact us. The first is through the contact form on our website. Secondly you can contact us on our Facebook page which is linked at the bottom of our website. We do respond to messenger requests on Facebook as well. Lastly you can email us with any questions you may have at info@scribdco.com.

I have purchased a sign from the website. How does the design session process work?

Due to the high customization of what we do, it will require some time to design the sign. Once we receive a purchase, the process will begin. It is important to give us all your contact info. Name, Email, Phone number. We will reach out to you and setup a timeslot to have a discussion with us regarding your idea and what you would like to see. We will then take those design specifications and create a 3D rendering of how the Carving will look and send to you for Final Approval. Once the final design is agreed upon, we will then start the carving and painting process.

How long does it take to have the sign completed and shipped?

Our current design/carve/paint time is 2 weeks. This is due to a line of orders which is done on a first come, first serve basis. It is also dependent on the size/complexity of the sign which is ordered. We will be in contact providing status updates with pictures along the way so you can see the progress of your sign as we complete the various stages in its creation. We use the USPS to ship orders and provide full tracking information once the order is shipped.

Do you do local Pickup, or does everything have to be shipped?

We are based out of Easton PA. If you live in the Easton, Allentown, Bethlehem area we can do a local pickup. Use Discount code: LOCALPICKUP to wave the flat fee shipping at checkout. If you are outside of the area and used the local pickup code, your order will not be shipped until the shipping fee is paid in full.

Can you do Expedited fabrication and delivery?

As we all know there are times when a sign is needed “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” due to an emergency or some other unforeseen factor. We will try to accommodate you if possible, in such a situation. BUT to be moved to the front of the line involves inconveniences to other customers so we must add a cost for this expedited service. The charge for all types of signs will incur an additional $50 "Rush Fee". If you require this type of expedited fabrication and delivery, please ask for it in an e-mail or Contact us through Facebook.

Where can I find inspiration for a sign or wall art piece?

Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest!
Sounds a bit cliché we know…. But Pinterest is an excellent source for the inspiration you need. We can even assist in creating parts to help you complete that perfect Pinterest project! We at ScribdCo. even keep our own list of things we have found and would love to create. You can find a link to our Pinterest board at the bottom of our website. Let us know what we can make for you!

Do you accept returns?

We are not able to accept returns on any custom signs or artwork. This is due to the high customization of the work that has been personalized to suit your own wants and needs and we have no way of altering it for resale once returned. This is why we have the design process and final sign off before the physical work is started.